Chronic Pain in New Jersey

Chronic pain can be frustrating and exhausting. If you are tired of dealing with pain or using addictive medications to manage it, you can find help at The Pain Management Center. We offer a variety of treatments for chronic pain to patients living in Hamilton, Linwood, Turnersville and Voorhees, NJ.

What is Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain is any type of pain that lasts longer than six months. There are two types of chronic pain:

  • Pain that is due to an identifiable generator, such as an injury
  • Pain that is not due to an identifiable generator, such as pain that persists after an injury has healed

This type of pain can affect practically any area of the body, although most patients experience chronic pain in the back or legs. At The Pain Management Center, we specialize in the treatment of a breadth of chronic pain conditions, whether they affect the joints, muscles, nerves, or other areas.

How is Chronic Pain Treated?

Chronic pain treatments can vary greatly depending on the location of pain, the severity of your symptoms, and the cause of the pain. At The Pain Management Center, we will first use a variety of diagnostics techniques to determine the source of your pain. Then, we will recommend an appropriate treatment option. Surgery is often a last resort, but surgical techniques may become necessary if a patient is unable to achieve relief with other techniques.

Typically, chronic pain treatments involve some form of injection. Injections into nerves, joints, or muscle groups can soothe inflammation and block nerve signals to provide both immediate and lasting relief. To learn more about these treatments, please visit our page on pain treatment and therapies.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect from Chronic Pain Treatment?

The results from your chronic pain treatment will depend on the treatment method used as well as the extent of your symptoms. Some of our treatments may be able to provide long-lasting relief, while others may need to be repeated on a regular basis to maintain your results. During your initial visit, we will discuss your condition and your treatment goals in order to define the results that you can expect from your chronic pain treatment.

If you are suffering from chronic pain, contact us today to schedule your appointment and begin your treatment at The Pain Management Center. We offer plenty of effective pain management services to the residents of Turnersville, Linwood, Hamilton, and the surrounding areas of New Jersey.