Degenerative Disc Disease in New Jersey

Are you experiencing chronic pain that is related to degenerative disc disease? At The Pain Management Center, we offer a variety of treatments to help you find relief from your symptoms. We offer these treatments to men and women living in Hamilton, Linwood, Turnersville and Voorhees, NJ.

What is Degenerative Disc Disease?

Degenerative disc disease is actually not a disease, but a condition that describes normal changes of the spinal discs as time progresses. Spinal discs separate the spine’s bony vertebrae, and essentially act as little shock absorbers for the spine. The discs degenerate over time, making the spine less supple. This makes it more difficult to twist and bend the back, and can also produce pain and a variety of other unwanted symptoms.

Additionally, when the spinal discs wear down, additional problems may occur down the road, such as spinal stenosis, herniated discs, or osteoarthritis. Changes in the discs can cause pain either directly or by applying pressure on a nerve, which can produce pain that spreads to other areas of the body such as the legs.

How is Degenerative Disc Disease Treated?

Taking good care of your body and being mindful of your posture is a good way to make sure that your spinal discs stay in the best shape possible. For degenerative disc disease treatment, we tend to focus on reducing pain and other unwanted symptoms that are caused by changes in the spinal discs. We may recommend treatments that include:

At The Pain Management Center, we will first use a variety of diagnostics techniques to determine the origin of your symptoms. Then, we will recommend an appropriate treatment option. Surgery is often a last resort, but surgical techniques may become necessary if a patient is unable to achieve relief with other techniques.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect from Degenerative Disc Disease Treatment?

The results from your degenerative disc disease treatment will depend on the treatment method used as well as the extent of your symptoms. Some of our treatments may be able to provide long-lasting relief, while others may need to be repeated on a regular basis to maintain your results. During your initial visit, we will discuss your condition and your treatment goals in order to define the results that you can expect from your degenerative disc disease treatment.

Contact us today if you are experiencing painful symptoms from degenerative disc disease and would like to achieve relief. The Pain Management Center is proud to offer a range of pain management services to the residents of Hamilton, Linwood, Voorhees, and the nearby communities of New Jersey.