At The Pain Management Center, we specialize in a variety of advanced techniques to help patients achieve lasting pain relief. However, there are also tips that you can use to manage your pain at home. We encourage our patients in Voorhees, Hamilton and Linwood, NJ, to explore these self-help tips to aid them in their treatment.

What is Self-Help?

Self-help includes pain management techniques and tips that you can use to relieve your pain without office visits and professional care. While pain management services like ours can significantly improve your quality of life, many patients are able to achieve noticeable improvements in their condition with self-help methods. Although these may not be enough to provide you with complete relief, they can make a difference, especially when combined with in-office treatments. At The Pain Management Center, we have compiled several resources to help patients manage their pain. We encourage patients to explore these resources and use them to enhance the effects of treatment.

What Self-Help Resources Are Available?

At The Pain Management Center, we are proud to offer the following self-help resources:

If you are unable to achieve pain relief with self-help techniques, contact us today to schedule your appointment at The Pain Management Center. We welcome patients from Linwood, Turnersville, Hamilton, and the nearby cities of New Jersey.